Wood floor box

The lid can  be  rotated  for easy  outgoing  cables orientation. Two cable guards protect cables
and reduce risk of damage to all incoming and outgoing cables.  A recessed space - 7/16" -
allows to insert a piece of floor covering material providing a smooth, seamless look.

WFB244 wood floor box is suitable for use in wood carpeted floors.
See also "Raised Floor Boxes" - PMC47 Floor box for wood structured floors.
WFB244 Wood Floor Box
WFB244 Wood Floor Box
Wood Floor box
Galvanized steel housing - Provides
added strength and reliability

Low profile box w/ tunnels - Easy
installation in low profile floors (3  5/16''
depth) and easy to wire devices.

Locking tabs (ears) & flush screws  
Quick and secure installation to wood floor.

16 Concentric Knockout's 1/2'' and 3/4''
conduits accessibility at all four sides

Two / Four gang floor box capacity.
Floor Box Dimensions
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WFB244 Wood floor box

The FBS wood floor box permits to install
a large variety connectors such as
standard duplex outlets, decorative style
inserts, keystone style jacks as well as
our exclusive Fit-IN system, which
optimize the space accepting 12 modules
for line and low voltage.