One piece frame - Quick and easy
installation or removal.

Flexible design - Allows the user to
mount/remove modules with box in-situ.

Material - Polyamide .  Meets UL94

Low profile beveled flange - Prevents
from bumping

Subtle flange - Hide edges of hard
surface flooring and prevents the carpet
from fraying.
Removable and reversible lid - Can
be rotated with no tools required.

Rectangular recess - Easy to cut
rectangular floor cover insert.

Steel reinforcement plate - 11 GA
Provides added strength and reliability.

Cable guards with rubber foam and
- Can be tilted when in use or
closed when not used.

Adjustable Depth - 3/16" (5 mm) for
carpet installation or the supplemental
spacers may be removed to increase
the depth to 7/16" (12 mm).
Galvanized steel housing - Provides
added strength and reliability

Low profile box with internal  tunnels
Easy installation in low profile floors

Two / Four gang floor box capacity.

Locking tabs and screws - At all four
corners.  Quick and secure installation
to raised floor.

16 Knockout's at sides and bottom -
1/2'' and 3/4'' conduits accessibility at
all four sides
Frame - Flange
Floor box