Two gang floor boxes

The R12 floor box is ideal to combine power and
communication outlets in a small box providing the perfect
solution for most residential & commercial applications in
raised floors.

The two gang floor box accepts duplex receptacles and
decorator style faceplates separating line and low voltage
circuits in opposite sides of the box.
We offer several covers to perfectly match any decor style,
solid brass, black or brown coated steel and brushed
stainless steel material. Beveled or straight flanges hide
the edges of any hard surface flooring and prevents the
carpet from fraying when it is installed on carpeted floors.
The two gang box is made of 16 GA galvanized steel and
coated to add an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

The FBS Faceplates and floor boxes are painted light gray to
provide an aesthetic and professional look.
Two gang floor box
  • UL Listed floor box and cover
  • Non-Painted knockouts area facilitates the
installation process.
  • Locking clips - Quick and secure
    installation to different floor thicknesses
  • 10 - Knockouts (5 per compartment)  
    for 3/4"  conduits.
  • Galvanized steel housing - 16 GA
    Powder coated galvanized steel

  • Painted interior .

  • Shallow box - Easy installation in low
    profile floors (3  1/8'' depth).
Floor Box cover
The R12 floor box is supplied as a kit which includes the floor box and cover.
  • Beveled & square edges

  • Adjust to the final floor level
  • Solid steel (Black or Brown) ,
    brass or stainless steel material.
  • Brushed finish
  • Two cable exits

  • Handle
Faceplates for R12 Floor Box
The R12 two gang floor box accepts two faceplates, one per side.
For VGA, data jacks and most audio-video jacks please use our part # 11612 and DECF6W Visit Connectivity Options for details.
Ordering information
Select the kit  in accordance to the cover required. Part numbers shown are for the kit (Includes box and cover).
Faceplates sold separately.
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R1X Brass Floor Box
Two gang floor box w/ brass cover
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