FBS UnderFloor Ducts
    The underfloor duct System is the ideal solution
    for projects requiring underground wiring
    distribution with a large quantity of cables and
    multiple service points to access power and low
    voltage connections.

    Three internal channels provides full capability to
    install data, fiber optic and audio-video cables as
    well as line voltage circuits.
The CTF box is a versatile component of the FBS Underground systems, used as junction box,
horizontal elbow, bridge, tee and concrete form box accepting the PMC47 floor boxes when a
workstation is required.
The pre-cut steel at all four sides accepts the FBS underground ducts or conduits for convenient
wiring distribution. The adjustable depth facilitates the installation.
Supplied with temporary construction cover.      
Three internal channels

Galvanized steel

Large capacity
Easy to install

Multiple accessories

No weld construction
90 Degree vertical elbow
Blank Cover
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NOTE: The underfloor duct system is considered a "Made to order" item.  
Minimum order required. Lead time varies. Ask for details.
FBS Underfloor ducts
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