NRTL Listed and approved for US and Canada.

Complete line of  accessories

No weld construction

Three different ducts to combine in accordance to the
project requirements

Galvanized steel

Quality products manufactured under strict quality  
standards to code compliance.
Mon. to Fri. - 8 AM to 5 PM ET.

FBS Underfloor ducts

The underfloor duct system is the ideal solution for projects
requiring underground wiring distribution with a large quantity
of cables and multiple service areas to access power and low
voltage outlets.

The FBS trunking system includes two different sizes of ducts
that can be combined to match the cable capacity required for
your project; junction boxes, duct supports, duct couplings and
several accessories complete the FBS underfloor system.

FBS manufactures a complete line of underfloor raceways and
fittings that are NRTL Listed and approved under spec C22-2
No 80 to both, Canadian & U.S. standards.
NOTE: The underfloor ducts are considered  "Made to order" item.  
Minimum order required. Lead time varies. Ask for details.
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
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Download the FBS Underfloor duct system catalog for complete details.