FBS Aluminum  Raceways
The FBS Raceways are the ideal solution for applications that require a surface
mounted raceway. This aluminum raceway is accessible all length to facilitate
wiring and installation; Mounting plates can be placed, moved and removed
along the raceway  during the installation process. Therefore, the  FBS raceways
make it  possible to adjust the capacity by adding or removing devices according
to the new requirements. Three channels separate circuits.

    Available in anodized aluminum finish provides the perfect  solution for schools,
    commercial offices and places where surface mount raceways are required.
Anodized aluminum finish

Three Channels separate circuits

Grounding terminal

Multiple colors to choose from

Heavy duty

Snap-In Modules
Easy to handle, easy to install

Front-loading snap-ln design

Supports future changes

High Capacity

Configurable (Power, Data, A/V)

Accepts standard keystone style jacks

15A Receptacles - UL Listed
Connectivity Options
Fit-IN Modular System. Exclusive from FBS.
Part number 65 accepts narrow jacks, RJ45 Cat 5, Cat6 and high density jacks.
Part numbers 62, 63 and 67 provide flush finish between the jacks and the module.
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UL Listed
Mon. to Fri. - 8 AM to 5 PM ET.
Mounting plates are required at the service points.  Each mounting plate accepts 6
modular inserts. Modules installed in the same row will be in the same

    Choices include: UL Listed Power outlets, blank modules, single or double ports
    for standard keystone style jacks and as well as modular inserts for "non-standard"
    jacks such as Panduit and Systimax (M Series).

    Use the keystone style port module Part number 64 for USB, RCA, S-Video, F style
    connectors, ST & SC fiber optic connectors, 3.5 mm mic. and most of the standard
    keystone style connectors. Click here for details.

    For VGA use part number 67. Click here for details.  
Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Raceway- Installation  instructions
Supporting documents.
Accessories: Couplers, corners, flat-internal - external elbows and end caps.
Side view
Internal corner
External corner
Flat elbow
End covers
NOTE: The aluminum raceway system is considered a "Made to order" item.  Minimum order required. Lead time varies.
Ask for details.
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