Connectivity Options
Fit-IN Modular System
Part numbers FBS62, FBS63 and FBS67 provide flush finish between the jack and the module.
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Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
Quick and easy installation

7 different modules to choose from

Front loading / snap-in style

Large Capacity: 36 modules (18 per side)

Accepts standard keystone style jacks

Accepts Panduit Mini-Com jacks

Two channels (isolated compartments)
Anodized aluminum housing


Supports future module changes

Grounding terminal

15A Receptacles -UL Listed

Configurable (AC, Data, A/V)

5 years warranty
Pole for power and data
    FBS service poles are the ideal solution for workstations in away-from-wall locations
    such as open commercial offices, banks, stores and other open space sites.

The Mini-Towers are easy to install and offer multiple configurations as well as a
convenient access to power, data and audio-video devices. The anodized aluminum
finish and the black modules provide a modern aesthetic solution and easy
combination with any interior decorative style.

The MT2036 is a dual channel pole which permit access to services on both sides
and increases the capacity to provide eighteen (18) modules per side, 36 total.

MT2036 Power pole

Part number FBS65 accepts RJ45 Cat 5, Cat6 or High density jacks.
    The Fit-in modular system allows you to snap 36 modules of your choice for power or
    low voltage applications into the pole.

    Choices include: 15A UL Listed Power outlets, blank modules, single or double ports
    for standard keystone style jacks as well as modular inserts for "non-standard" jacks
    such as Panduit, Systimax (M Series) and VGA connectors.
    For USB, RCA, S-Video, F style connectors, ST & SC, 3.5 mm mic. and most standard
    keystone style connectors use the keystone style module Part number FBS64 .

    For VGA use part number FBS67. Please click here for details.  
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