C4X Concrete Floor Box

Audio video floor box

The C4X floor box is the largest box of our product line,
configurable to accept six, seven or eight gang faceplates it
provides the perfect solution for any application requiring
multiple connectors, AV floor boxes etc.
Made of 16 Ga galvanized steel, the powder coating adds
extra protection and a pleasant aesthethic look.
The floor box covers are made of solid brass & stainless
steel, provided with a recessed space for the floor covering
material or flat surface (SS only) . The recessed space is
7/16” to accept the installation of carpet, terrazzo or tile.

New!!  Black coated cover with recess and straight edges.
Ask for details.  
Two cable guards protect cables and reduce risk of damage
to all incoming and outgoing cables.
C4X floor boxes are suitable for use in concrete floors
interior dry locations only, where the accumulation of scrub
water is unlikely to occur.
C4X floor box covers
The C4X floor box is supplied as a kit (box, cover and  temporary construction cover). See "Ordering information" below for details.   
The C4X floor boxes can be configured to with six, seven or eight gang of capacity. How to select the wallplates?

  • The six gang configuration accepts (1) two gang wallplate and (1) one gang wallplate per side (6 Gang= C46 )
  • The seven gang configuration accepts (1) two gang and (1) one gang wallplate in the first side and (1) four gang wallplate in the  
    other side. (7 Gang= C47)
  • The eight gang configuration accepts  (1)  four gang wallplate per side. (8 Gang = C48)
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Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
3/16" (4mm)
  • Removable levelling feet ( Ideal for
    retrofit applications)
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Straight / Square edges -3/16" ADA compliance