Mini-Tower    Service pole - MT2036
Connectivity Options
"FBS exclusive"
Fit-IN Modular System
Part numbers 62, 63 and 67 provide flush finish between the jacks and the module.
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    The snap-on modular system allows to populate the Mini-Tower with 18 modules
    of your choice.

    Choices include: UL Listed Power outlets, blank modules, single or double ports
    for standard keystone style jacks as well as  modular inserts for "non-standard"
    jacks such as Panduit, Systimax (M Series) and VGA connectors.
    Use the keystone style port module Part number 64 for USB, RCA, S-Video, F style
    connectors, ST & SC fiber optic connectors, 3.5 mm mic. and most of the standard
    keystone style connectors.

    For VGA use part number 67. Please click here for details.  
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Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
Quick and easy installation

7 different modules to choose from

Front loading snap-in style

High Capacity: 36 modules (18 per side)

Accepts standard keystone style jacks

Accepts Panduit Mini-Com jacks

Two channels (isolated compartments)
Anodized aluminum housing


Supports future module changes

Grounding terminal

15A Receptacles -UL Listed

Configurable (AC, Data, A/V)

5 years warranty
MT2036 dual service pole
    FBS Mini-Towers are the  ideal  solution  for  workstations in  away-from-wall locations
    such as open  commercial  offices  areas, banks, stores and other open space  sites.

    FBS Mini-Towers  are  easy to  install  and  offer multiple configurations as well as a
    convenient access to power, data and audio-video devices.  The anodized aluminum finish
    with black modules provides the perfect  aesthetic solution and easy combination with any
    interior decorative style.

The MT2036 is a dual channel pole which permit access to services on both sides and
increases the capacity to provide 18 modules per side, 36 total.
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