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C34 Concrete Floor Outlet Box
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Ordering is easier than ever. Please select the part number in accordance to the required  cover material and characteristics.
Part numbers shown are for the kit (Includes box, cover and temporary construction cover). Faceplates & devices sold separately.
Ordering information
Four gang floor outlet box
The four gang floor outlet box accepts a wide variety of
power, data  and audio-video connectors. The shallow
design and the removable levelling feet provide the perfect
solution for low profile concrete floors on new and retrofit  

Covers are available in brass and stainless steel material
providing a perfect look to match virtually any decor style.  

The cable guards protect cables and reduce risk of
damage to all incoming and outgoing cables.  A recessed
space (7/16 In.) allows to insert a piece of floor covering
material providing a smooth, seamless look.

Two discrete retractable handles facilitate the access to
box services.

The C34 Floor outlet box is suitable for use in concrete
floor interior dry location, where the accumulation of scrub
water is unlikely to occur.

Please see "Ordering instructions" for part numbers.
Covers for: C34 floor outlet box
Each compartment is isolated with its own removable barrier (supplied). For VGA, RJ's jacks, XLR's and most audio-video jacks
please use our part #11612 and #DECF6W. Visit
Connectivity Options for details.
The C34 floor outlet box accepts four faceplates.
Installation Instructions
Catalog sheets
Supporting documents.
C34 Floor Outlet Box
Faceplates for: C34 Floor Outlet Boxes
Stainless steel cover w/recess and beveled edge
Brass cover w/recess and beveled edge
The C34 is supplied as a kit (Includes the floor box, cover and a temporary construction cover). The Kit number or part
number (for the kit) is assigned depending on the cover selected. See ordering information below for details.   
# C34BRB
Floor box with brass cover.
Brass cover has beveled
edges and recessed top.
# C34SRB
Floor box with stainless
steel cover.
SS cover has beveled
edges and recessed top.
  • Recessed surface: 7/16" recess
    for floor covering material
  • Tunnel - Easy to wire to next

  • Extra protection Powder coated box
Frame - Flange -Lid
  • Handle: Two retractable handles
    facilitates the access to box services.
Floor box
  • Galvanized steel housing - 16 GA
    Powder coated galvanized steel housing
    Provides added strength and reliability

  • The painted interior offers a professional
    and highly aesthetic look.

  • Ultra Low box - Easy installation in low
    profile floors (3  5/16'' depth).
  • Material - Stainless steel and Brass-
    Brushed  finish
  • Subtle beveled flange hide edges of
    hard surface flooring and prevents the
    carpet from fraying.
  • Cable guards with rubber foam
     Can be tilted when in use or closed when
     not used.
  • Knockouts  12 for 1" conduits.
  • Non-Painted knockouts area assures
proper bonding and facilitates the
installation process.
  • Removable levelling bars for retrofit
  • Manufactured in compliance with
    UL514A Standard
3/16" (4mm)
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